Wi-Fi Thermometer for Outdoor Cooking

Backyard cooking on the grill has increasingly grown into an art behind the science of BBQ. What used to be careful timing and continual checking on meat that’s cooking is now boiled down to time and temperature. It’s not enough that your grill has a temperature gauge on the outside, but also what’s happening inside your meat? This is where Wi-Fi thermometers are stepping-up their game and giving you more information than before.

What are the hottest Wi-Fi thermometers you need to check out? Here’s a good look at some great models.

What is a smart wifi thermometer?

For the most part, these are more than a regular meat thermometer. These are specially designed to take temperature readings inside and outside your grill. Not only that, but meats can also have temperature readings in parts of the meat that are thicker. Especially where it’s harder to determine if its’ reached the right core temp. Now imagine that you don’t need to cut open the meat and you can view these readings on your smartphone!

The Fireboard 2 smart Wi-Fi thermometer

There are a couple good reasons why this meat thermometer is the perfect answer for your grilling needs. The first is simplicity through technology with an app that lets you see everything that’s going on with your meat. At a glance, you can see the internal temperatures, the ambient cooking temperature, and the cooking times. With Fireboard 2, everything is connected via Bluetooth through an interactive app.

Now all that’s needed is to get your grill temperature to the right level and connect your meat using the various temperature probes. If your temp level ever starts to drop or get too hot, there are further options to control this too. An add-on blower can automatically regulate grill temps and keep your meat cooking time from being ruined. You immediately get notifications if anything starts to change.

The controller is also very handy since you can take a look at the display that is right outside the grill itself. There are different displays featuring variations that show timeline graphs for your cook time. All the alerts for hot and cold spikes enable you to immediately react in real-time, through WiFi control or going out to the grill directly. One of the best parts is being freed-up to prepare other foods in the kitchen.

This WiFi thermometer is perfectly designed to work with your smartphone, so there’s less time you’ll waste in return. The Fireboard 2 app is so effective that you can still monitor your cook time even if you need to go to the store. If you have an optional blower connected, you’ll never lose ambient heat since this blower will turn on as needed. You can also manually control the blower when getting an alert and further adjust the grill heat in real-time.

Since everything is automatically saved through the Fireboard cloud, you can review cook times and perfect your newest grill projects. The app itself is easy to navigate and there are regular updates that are added each month. As for the outdoor grill display, it has a weatherproof case that resists light rain and hot weather without fail. It also has a battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. You can review it further here.

The models that go with the Fireboard 2 include both the FBX2 and FBX2D. Both can have an additional drive blower and many handy accessories. But you’ll find there are also simplified wifi thermometers that don’t need to be over-the-top fancy. If you’re the type that enjoys outdoor cooking, some thermometers such as Flameboss 500 and Tappecue are just as fine. You’ll have to check them out to see what they can do for you.

But when it comes to making life a lot easier for grilling your favorite meats, the technology of WiFi thermometers can’t be beaten. Now you can enjoy tender slow-cooked meat that’s perfect each time thanks to these great gadgets. Even if you like to smoke your meats, these are also ideal for the very same reason. So the versatility is always allowing you more options to add just the right amount of flavor and special touches.