How to Make a Korean BBQ at Home

It is quite an enjoyable experience if you try to bring town or city experiences at home. Korean BBQ has hit the world by a storm. This is among the delicious meals you won’t miss in most Korean restaurants at large. The dish has made some less popular ingredients like kimchi to stand as among the must-have mainstream ingredients in most restaurants and hotels. Korean BBQ has been there from the past, and it has gained roots and become popular in most parts of Korea and North America. Get tunes in this article to learn step by step how to make a Korean BBQ at home.

Making a Korean BBQ at home can be a great opportunity at large. All you need is to take time and follow every step to make it delicious. Below are steps on how to make a Korean BBQ at home to learn.

Gather all the necessities

Get a clean and best indoor grill for Korean BBQ. You will aim to attain about 250 to 300 F range heats from your mesquite charcoal for excellent preparations. You can go to the extent of using a smoker in this case. Even though this is not a necessity in the traditional Korean BBQ, the smoker infuses the meat with additional flavors at large. Either way you use it, you will get something delicious at the end.

Get the ingredients

Korean BBQ is best prepared with marinated slices of pork or beef. You can also use chicken and some short ribs in this case, and everything shall work just fine for you. Most people prefer going the traditional way so long as everything turns aromatic at the end.

You will not use any part of chicken as such. Get the boneless chicken thighs and some short beef ribs. A chili paste is also necessary for your preparation; get some gochujang and other ingredients along with such as soy sauce, garlic, ginger, a bunch of scallions, white vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds, and a fish sauce. You will also need some veggies; you will choose any of the veggies like, for instance, kimchi and spinach for your banchan.

Preparing your meat

Thorough preparation of the meat is necessary if you deem to get a delicious Korean BBQ. You can consider placing the meat overnight in a mixture of water, salt, and sugar. This is what we refer to as brining, and it ensures the meat or chicken, in this case, stays moist for an extended period.

Besides this, also consider marinating the short ribs before grilling. You can do it overnight before the grilling day. Some people use an Asian pear in this place while others a can of Coke. Ensure the meat sits for up to 24 hours before you can get it out to rest. Get the meat out earlier to ensure even and speed cooking at large.

Hitting the smoker

After you have completed the above preparations, it is now time to incorporate a smoker if you had one. As usual, you will heat the smoker to about 225 degrees F before throwing your meat on it. The smoker makes the meat nice and tender, ready to grill.

Patience is required if you need something delicious. You will let the meat rest in the smoker between one and two hours before getting it out to the grill. The smoker covers it with a lid and doesn’t touch it until this time is over.

Assembling the banchan

Traditionally, people used to chow down on the banchan as the meal was cooking. At this time, you can consider offering a simple and nice spread that is full of different flavors. These are spinach likes with some sesame seeds, kimchi, and some smoked pineapple and other things. You can make your kimchi, and everything will work like something ready-made.

If you use the cukes in this case, slice them into long and chunky baton pieces. Mix sliced scallion, some garlic cloves, a fish sauce, and gochujang to form a paste. Finish by salting your cucumbers and set it aside to apply it liberally.

As you prepare for final touches, blanch the fresh spinach that you will use. You will after that season with a touch of soy and sesame seeds and oil. As part of preparations, get your short-grain rice and cook it since it will take some time to get ready.


This is when you will use the grill you have kept with your bike pump for this purpose at large. You don’t have to marinate the dry rub chicken you stored at this time. You will need to apply a seasoning mix layer on both sides for it to get wet. Once it is in this form, throw it up on the grill with the ketchup sauce.

You have separate pieces of meat on the grill. You will space them evenly to avoid overcrowding so that the temperature of the meat is reduced. You can consider steaming the meat instead of searing in this case. Don’t make the grill too hot since this will make you turn it over many times at large. If you need a real and delicious Korean BBQ, you will remain patient, let it sit, and wait for the wonders nature can do.

Ensure you pay attention, especially during this last stage at large. It is good you flip the meat once or twice throughout the waiting period. If you consider chicken, the end temperature should be at around 160 F. If you went for beef or pork, ensure you cook it until it is tender. There is no exact time you will have every piece of meat or chicken read. The cooking time will depend on the size of the piece at large. If, for instance, it is beef, expect it to be ready after about six minutes and up to twelve minutes for chicken.


This is a simple guide on how to make a Korean BBQ at home. Patience is all that you need to make it delicious. You will also need to follow keenly every step and make prior preparations to come out delicious. Learn it all and share the experience with your family and friends at large.