Why you Need a Kitchen Scale?

We use teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups as a measurement tool in recipes. But for the recipes with ingredients listed by weights, you need a kitchen scale. When stocking your kitchen, a kitchen scale may not be a tool you think of purchasing, and you probably did not include it in your holiday wish list or on your wedding registry.

A kitchen scale can be one of the most helpful tools in the kitchen. They come in handy when dealing with the recipes that come with odd measurements of canned products. 

What is a Digital Kitchen Scale?


It is a measuring device that calculates and displays an object’s weight digitally. A digital scale is a high-quality scale compared to the analog balance scale and gives more correct readings. A chef uses a digital gram scale, another type of digital kitchen scale, to measure the mass or weight of an ingredient, expressed in grams, millimeters, pounds, or fluid ounces. 

Generally, digital kitchen scales are lightweight, small, and occupy very little space on the counter. 

Measuring Ingredients by Weight


Measuring ingredients by weight is more accurate, especially if you want to follow a recipe in the same way. The way you scoop one cup of sugar might be different from that of the chef whose recipe you are following. When your recipe calls for precise measurements to produce certain textures and results, you need to be very careful.

So, to save yourself from all the doubts and worries, measuring ingredients by weight is the best solution. Kitchen scales do not take up a lot of space, and they are inexpensive.

Who Should Get a Kitchen Scale?

Kitchen Scale

While serious bakers and chefs prefer using kitchen scales for maintaining standards, at-home cooks can also use them to achieve consistency in their recipes. Moreover, kitchen scales reduce the number of tools you use for the measurements and are precise and accurate. And if you are trying to balance your meals with appropriate ratios from protein to carbs, then a kitchen scale can help you monitor your portions.

Care and Maintenance of Kitchen Scales 


Some kitchen scales are waterproof. But if yours is not, then be careful and avoid spilling liquids on or near it. The process of cleaning the kitchen scale is easy – all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth after using it. Do not shake kitchen scales around or over-handle them.

What to Look For in a Kitchen Scale 


Compared to analog scales, digital scales are more accurate and popular. Some of them can switch from grams to ounces with a single button click, and others may even store data. Another helpful feature is the tare button, which allows you to get the empty container’s weight to zero; it automatically minuses the container weight from the overall measurement.

Another thing you need to note before buying is that how much a scale can measure; some kitchen scales have as low as five pounds capacity, others may have up to thirty pounds. 

How to Use a Kitchen Scale? 

in a Kitchen

  • Put your empty bowl or container on the scale and press zero or tare or you can directly place the bowl on the kitchen scale and then press the button. Before measuring your ingredients, ensure that the scale is at 0.
  • Add the ingredients until it reaches your desired amount. And you can even switch between grams and ounces with your digital kitchen scale. 
  • Before adding your next ingredient to the kitchen scale, press the zero or tare button.

Reasons for Using a Kitchen Scale 

  • Kitchen Scales are Cleaner 

What is cleaner – to measure all the ingredients directly into one bowl or use different cups or spoons to separately measure them all? Of course, you will go with the first one. Using a kitchen scale eliminates all the mess, and it makes sure your ingredients end up in the recipe, not in your measuring cup or spoon.

  • A Kitchen Scale is More Precise 

The reason why everyone loves kitchen scales is because of their precision. Whether measuring yeast for bread, coffee for a pour-over, or hops for beer, a kitchen scale is a way to go. 

  • Kitchen Scales are Easy to Use 

Kitchen scales are pretty easy to use. All you have to do is select your measurement preference and place the bowl on the scale. After that, hit the zero or tare button to subtract the bowl’s weight, and you are all set to use it. 

  • With a Kitchen Scale, You will Use Fewer Dishes 

You use fewer dishes/utensils when measuring ingredients directly into a bowl using a spoon instead of using different spoons and cups. The zero or tare button allows you to get back to zero with every new ingredient, and this way, you can measure all the components in one bowl. It is especially helpful with sticky ingredients, such as honey, melted chocolate, or peanut butter.

  • Compact Design 

The latest kitchen scales come in compact sizes, making them convenient to put on your kitchen shelf or counter without occupying much space. 

  • Mix Beverages 

A digital kitchen scale helps you get the right proportions of your drink – be it coffees or cocktails. Mixing complex drinks need bar equipment (like jigger or shot glass), a perfect pour, and a steady hand. Instead of estimating liquid ingredients, you can ensure that you have the exact accurate proportions of each drink component using a digital scale. It will make your drink taste right.

  • Covert Measurements 

If you are unfamiliar with the metric system and the recipe calls for hundred grams of flour, a digital kitchen scale can easily do the conversion for you within no time.

  • Measure Nutritional Information 

More advanced digital kitchen scales, in addition to weight, can show nutritional information, including the number of proteins, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, calories, fat, or fiber in a food. 

  • Exercise Portion Control 

As a part of a healthy lifestyle, several people measure their portions before eating their meals. A digital kitchen scale portions out your food as per the serving size and makes it easy to measure.

  • Ease of Cleaning 

The new models of kitchen scales are usually seamless. They do not have crannies or nooks to catch spills or food particles, allowing for effortless cleaning. Just wipe them down with a cloth, and they are clean as new.


Kitchen scales are time and effort savers. They give you precise measurements and are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you do not need to have several measuring tools just to make a single recipe. You can calculate all the ingredients in one bowl and keep track of your meal proportions and calorie intake. 

If you have not bought a kitchen scale yet, then it is high time you go to the supermarket and get one for yourself.