Types of Peelers

If you’re an expert at peeling, you may not need a specific type of tool and can go by with just a simple knife, as long as it is sharp enough to pare even the toughest rinds. But to others who are not that deft at peeling (or those with a lot of vegetables and fruits to peel), they should really need a good peeler to get the job done.

A sharp, rust-proof blade is definitely the first thing that people look for a peeler. The second consideration would probably be the handle — it should be stable and would not cause injury or hand fatigue to the user. Then everything else (material used, brand, color, etc.) follows.

But do you know that there is more than one type of peeler? With lots of kinds and models available, it is important that you know what you specifically want in a peeler in order to get the exact product for your peeling needs. Who knows, a good quality peeler may become one of the the best kitchen gadgets you’ll ever have — a tool which you will find as utterly indispensable especially if you’re the type who really loves to cook!

Swivel peeler1. Swivel peeler

One of the most popular types of peeler is the handy swivel peeler. It features a narrow, sharp and long blade that swivels side by side depending on your peeling direction: up or down, and left or right. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you will have no trouble paring even the toughest skins. Like many other peelers, the swivel peeler usually features a potato eye remover at the tip to scoop out stubborn and unsightly crevices. Some swivel peelers have replaceable blades.

Y peeler2. Y peeler

The Y peeler is so named because of its Y-shaped frame. It can be used easily by either left- or right-handed people because of its dual blades. But for those who haven’t used this type of peeler before, they may find it a little difficult to control and it may take some time before getting used to it.

The Y peeler usually has a wider handle which enables a more secure grip, making peeling easier and more comfortable. Some Y peelers have a built-in potato eye remover.

Serrated peeler3. Serrated peeler

As its name implies, the serrated peeler has a sharp and serrated blade — ideal for paring fruits with glossy, slippery or waxy skin, or for cutting softer produce such as tomatoes and peaches. Serrated peelers are available in either swivel or Y-shaped forms, and typically come with an ergonomically-designed handle to make peeling more convenient and less of a chore.

Julienne peeler4. Julienne peeler

If you love making soups, salads, stews, coleslaws or pretty garnishes often, then the julienne peeler will be your best friend in the kitchen. It creates fine shreds of vegetables such as carrots and zucchini; it is also excellent in extracting zest from citrus fruits like lemon and lime. This tool is ideal if you aim to avoid excessive carbs and want to replace the regular pasta with a “veggie pasta.”

Lancashire peeler5. Lancashire peeler

The Lancashire peeler is definitely a “straight” kind of peeler — it may look like the swivel peeler with its narrow body, except the Lancashire peeler’s blade stays in place. For those who might find the swivel peeler a bit unwieldy to use, the Lancashire peeler’s fixed blade will enable them to make even peelings. It is most suitable for paring solid produce such as potatoes, carrots, zucchinis and turnips. You can also use this peeler for grating hard cheeses (like cheddar and Parmesan) and shaving a chocolate bar. However, its design tends to be more suitable for use by right-handed people.

Speed peeler6. Speed peeler

As the name implies, the speed peeler is especially designed for quick but thorough paring of produce. It usually comes in a Y-shaped form, but the stainless-steel blades set it apart from the other Y peelers. The speed peeler does not only pare fruits and vegetables, but it can also shave and grate other items such as cheese. It’s the peeler you should need when you’re working to pare lots of produce in half the time.

Mechanical peeler7. Mechanical peeler

If you struggle with holding a large fruit or your finger got accidentally cut while doing the manual peeling, you may get yourself a mechanical peeler.

It is a crank-operated equipment which peels produce in a single motion by just a simple turn of the handle. As you’re rotating the handle, the peel is removed from the produce in one long, continuous strip. Many mechanical peelers feature a corer, and they can be bolted onto any kinds of surface such as a table or a kitchen countertop. The mechanical peeler is easy to operate and does a fast and clean job of peeling apples, potatoes, pears, beetroot, and other produce with a thick skin. Plus, it creates less mess compared to using a hand-held peeler.

8. Electric peeler

If you’re struggling with manual peeling or you’re having too much time on your hands in the kitchen, why not get yourself an electric peeler? It works like a mechanical peeler in a way, only run by an electricity. Instead of placing a fruit or a vegetable horizontally like what you would do with the mechancial peeler, you place it vertically on the electrical peeler. Then let it do the rest of the work.

Of course, there are good things about using an electric peeler. First of all, you can use it to peel every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. It also allows for a virtually hands-free peeling — no cuts, bruises or hand fatigue. It is also a great tool if you’re suffering from arthritis and you find manual peeling rather agonizing. Another, it saves you a lot of time. Plus, it does a clean job of paring vegetables and fruits. And lastly, it is less messy to work with just like in the mechanical peeler.

While there are advantages of using an electric peeler, there are also downsides. First of all, it’s obviously the price — a unit can set you back as much as $25. Second, it tends to peel a bit too thickly that some of the pith is included in the peeling. And third, it runs on batteries or electricity, so it may not be as economical or practical as the other types of peelers.

Electric peelers are among the the top-rated kitchen gadgets on Amazon, especially with brands such as Kitchen Aid, Lohome and Starfit. A lot of electric peelers also function as “spiralizers,” which cut vegetables in spiral strips or ribbons.

So there you have it — the many kinds of peelers! Checking out kitchen gadget reviews is a good start to help you in purchasing the best peeler that you can afford.