What is a multicooker and what are its uses?

As its name implies, a multi-cooker enables you to quickly carry out a range of culinary techniques, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, yogurt, rice, and grains, as well as pressure and slow cooking. A variety of household equipment, including pressure cookers, crock pots, rice cookers, and yogurt makers, have been replaced by multicookers because they are simple to operate, make cooking quick, safe, and straightforward, and make cleaning a breeze. Despite not being little, they significantly lessen the amount of clutter on your counter or cabinet than two or three of those other gadgets.

The multicooker uses electronic controls to adjust the heat and an induction plate in the base to provide the cooking pot with an incredibly exact temperature. A multicooker’s ability to perform equally effectively as a high-temperature pressure cooker and an 8-hour yogurt maker is due to induction technology. While browning, sautéing, and pressure-cooking call for regulated higher temperatures, slow cooking necessitates low temperature that is tightly managed to avoid overcooking. The multicooker handles everything.

We adore multicookers for their simplicity and adaptability. All the taste and nutrients that would normally be lost in a stovetop pot are retained by pressure cooking. It breaks down the collagens in meats to produce a softer product that melts on your tongue. Additionally, pressure cooking is two to three times faster than traditional cooking in producing meals. Cooking with a multicooker is worry-free thanks to its numerous safety measures and practically faultless design.

Multicookers are among the most useful little appliances you can possess for several solid reasons.

Enjoy mistake-proof and worry-free cooking

Cooking using a multi-cooker is practically foolproof. A multicooker has easy-to-use controls, and the lids are designed to lock on securely and conveniently. Many of us recall the tales told to us by our mothers and grandmothers about pressure cookers that “blew up,” spilling food onto the ceiling (or worse). Electric multicookers are simple to operate, safe, and do not need to be watched as they work their magic. You can cook without worrying since they have several safety mechanisms that let built-up steam escape securely.

Bring variety to your cooking

Cooking in different ways results in additional and quicker meal alternatives. When you come home, you may start preparing supper because pressure cooking expedites the cooking process. To have supper ready for you when you get home from work, slow cooking enables you to prepare items ahead of time, put them in the pot, and let them simmer all day. You may quickly and simply prepare side or main meals using any grains using the rice, grain, and risotto capabilities.

Intensify the flavor of your meals

Pressure cooking prevents flavors from escaping into the air in the kitchen and, as a result, keeps your kitchen from smelling bad. The greatest and quickest stock is made when under pressure, which also gives your meal flavor.

Keep the heat in the pot, not your kitchen

An oven or cooktop will heat your kitchen more than a multicooker will. In the summer, this function is fantastic for keeping you cool, collected, and focused while cooking.

Minimize your clean up

With a multicooker, there are significantly fewer dishes to wash. There is one less pot to wash as you can brown and sauté in the multicooker pot rather than using a separate skillet or sauté pan.

What can you do with a Multicooker?


For people who lead busy, fast-paced lives or even busy families who love the ritual of daily home-cooked meals but prefer a hassle-free cooking procedure, a multi-cooker is the contemporary and practical option. You can prepare mouthwatering foods without becoming a professional chef, and you can receive a tasty, warm lunch in half the time!

A multi-cooker is fantastic since it handles all the work for you with only a few button presses, so you do not even need to be an experienced cook. Put your preferred ingredients in the multi-cooker, set the settings by the simple-to-understand directions, and then sit back and relax while you wait for your one-pot culinary marvel. No more continual slaving over the stove, stirring, or worrying about the recipe. If you have a recipe in mind and a reliable multi-cooker, you can whip up a range of foods in no time. With only one multi-cooker, you can make rich and fluffy cakes, luscious roasts, and fork-tender beef.

Multi-cookers today are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, but that is not the only way they may free up a lot of room in your kitchen. Consider an oven, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, frying pan, and burner all in one small box. A multi-multiple cooker’s capabilities make it a superb all-in-one option for many other kitchen appliances.

You might first be put off by the thought of a multi-cooker due to the cost. However, you should keep in mind that a multi-many cooker’s features not only enable you to prepare a variety of foods with just one pot, reducing the number of kitchen appliances you need to buy, but it also saves energy and eliminates the need for takeout on days when you are too exhausted to handle food preparation.

Meals that can be made in a multicooker

In a multicooker, a variety of foods may be prepared such as:

  • Fish dishes
  • Desserts
  • Bread
  • Yogurt
  • Meat
  • Fried dishes
  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Rice dishes
  • Curries
  • Roast
  • Hot pots
  • Soups

By pushing a button, all these foods are easily accomplished without any effort.

Pros of multicookers

1. Saves you time

2. Saves you money

3. Saves you space

Cons of multicookers

1. Pain to clean and maintain

2. Needs supervision

3. Limited on the types of meals you can make


One of the most practical appliances you may have in your kitchen is a multicooker. You do not even need to turn on your burner to prepare a full supper in one pot.