What Is a Kitchen Vacuum?

Out of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen tends to accumulate the most dust and dirt, plus grime and other sorts of debris. This makes sweeping and vacuuming labor-intensive. But both chores don’t need to be a separate job.

Kitchen vacuum is a revolutionary tool designed to remove dirt, crumbs, pet hair and other debris from kitchen floors. Placed at a toe kick level, it eliminates the irritating dirt-line often left behind by using a dustpan and the tiresome effort needed to operate an unwieldy vacuum cleaner.

Kitchen vacuums act as an automatic dustpan for sweeping. It can be installed or retrofitted directly into the baseboard of your kitchen cabinets, occupying just the space beneath. You just need to sweep up your gathered dirt and debris into the mouth of the kitchen vacuum, tap its button with your foot, and voila! The vacuum’s suction will inhale all the dirt and debris thoroughly. No need to bend over while using dustpans! It’s easy to install and does not need to be connected to a central vacuum unit to work. Very simple, right? Because it is effective, quick and discreet, it might be one of the best kitchen gadgets for cleaning ever invented.

This kind of gadget is perfect for busy moms who have not enough time to clean their kitchens thoroughly. You won’t be worrying about loss of space, because it will only be placed on the side of your cabinet, counters, kitchen islands or walls.

Some kitchen vacuums need a central vacuum system like the VacPan and VacuSweep brand automatic dustpan. Installing these would be a little bit complicated, since you must connect it to the existing vacuum system as an inlet. It can be fitted under cabinets or in walls, taking into consideration the ease of access to vacuum tube piping connections before installing.

However, owning a central vacuum system might be impractical for some households. For houses less than 3,000 square feet, installing a central vacuum system would cost around $1,200 to $3,000 worth of labor and materials – not to mention the additional energy consumption fee it would contribute.

kitchen vacuumsThe good news is that not all kitchen vacuums require a central vac system. Vacuums like the Sweepovac, Sweep-Away and Kick Sweep brand are self-contained devices that can be easily installed. These are cost-effective solutions for people who would like to avail their own cabinet or wall vacuum inlet, but needs a cheaper alternative.

Some of these self-contained kitchen vacuums come with vacuum bags as a storage for the accumulated debris. These are to be disposed of and replaced when full. To install, you have to cut into your cabinets, using a drill and any suitable blade like jigsaw, reciprocating saw, sawzall. Then you need to secure it in place by using the provided screw and a screwdriver. Vacuum units like this typically need a standard outlet plug nearby.

Meanwhile, some kitchen vacuums are more portable and easier to install. All you have to do is to slide it under a cabinet and push two locking buttons to keep it in place. They are also battery-powered and rechargeable; thus, you can be able to move it from one room to another. The accumulated dust and debris go into its compact dust bin, which needs to be disposed into the trash once full.

Make your kitchen cleaning easier and more comfortable by using kitchen vacuums. Read kitchen gadget reviews and look for the best kitchen gadget deals to help you look for the most suitable kitchen vacuum for your home.