Planning a Kitchen Extension? Here Are What You Need to Do

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a spacious, modern, and elegant kitchen. While money and time may be a factor at the time of construction, extensions are possible. There are different ways to transform that old fashioned kitchen into something elegant with an additional space.

And yes, you can do all these without spending too much on the costs. So, you want to know how to add some modern life and luxury into your kitchen? Read through to find out everything you need to understand when planning for this important house extension.

Find an Architect for your extension

The first step to achieving a perfect kitchen and home extension is to contract a good architect. According to Marriott Construction you need someone experienced enough to draw the plans and offer suggestions in regard to technologies and other modern design ideas such as kitchen orangeries.

An architect will also act as a bridge between you and the authorities in case you need to get any permission. They will do everything from sketching the designs and suggesting where you can get high-quality material.

Get the Permissions

If your extension is going to cover more than three meters, you will need to acquire permission to do it. These would be classified as permitted development; hence you must get planning permission from the relevant authorities.

Of course, the extension must be big enough to warrant the permission. If it’s just something small like less than three meters, there will be no need for you to acquire permission. Once you’re done with this, you can now move to the most interesting parts of your extension.

Glaze the Kitchen

Colors bring out some brightness to a rather neutral and minimalist kitchen scheme. Don’t worry about adding brighter colors such as pink to your walls because as long as you know how to experiment with it. The good thing about this is that you’re not going to get stuck with a dull color, as you can change it any time.

When it comes to lighting, you have no option but to be smart about it. Sometimes sunlight might not be enough, and you need to light up the schemes anyway. Smart lighting is the perfect way to highlight the perfect architecture in your kitchen. If the windows don’t bring in enough natural light, find ways to harness it from the rooftop. You can also add a modern touch with pivot light.

Glaze the Kitchen

Consider Versatile Furniture

Furniture is a big consideration for your kitchen design. Whether you have a big or small space, your furniture should not cover up a large space. Minimize the furniture by getting those multiple-use to save on space. Consider getting elegant, modern and space-conscious kitchen furniture for a beautiful space planning. Ensure you make good use of room dimensions by ensuring the furniture fits the space perfectly.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

As far as you want to glam up the interiors of your kitchen, don’t forget how it will look from outside. Ensure the materials you use inside create a seamless transition. Don’t create some form of a clash between the kitchen interiors and the exteriors.

Choosing matching materials from the inside and the outside creates some form of harmony and balance. You can never go wrong with a traditional style or a neutral finish. Don’t forget to be conservatory about everything you choose to use for the extension.

Those are all you need to come up with a perfect kitchen extension. As long as you already have the go-ahead to commence with the work, all you will need is some form of creativity to bring out that elegant design you’ve desired for ages.