Knife Safety for Kids

Knives are the important tools of your kitchen, but when you have kids in your home, it can be very dangerous too. There should be some knife safety activities in your home to prevent any accidents. The kids are the most innocent creature, and they don’t know how to use the knife.

The easiest way to prevent an accident in your home is to teach your child how to use the knife safely. Kids are very curious if you stop them from using the knife. They will surely use it when you are not watching, so you have to teach your kids how to use the knife safely.

There are some rules that you can tell your kids for their safety.

Knife Guard

Knife Guard

When your kid starts cooking, this is the time when you need to give them the first knife, but when you are buying a knife for them, make sure to buy the one that has a knife guard because the guard will protect your kids from any injury. It would also keep your knife sharp for a long time so, teach your child to always put the guard on when you are not using it.

Stand Straight

When your child is cutting some vegetables or fruit for the first time, you need to advise them never to cut anything while sitting but stand straight because it would give them perfect strength, and they will be able to cut everything without harming themselves.

Flat Surface

Whenever your kid is cutting anything around you, you need to be sure that they are cutting it by putting it on a flat surface like a cutting board. First, you need to teach them to cut the round vegetables in half and then cut it fully; this way, the vegetable would not slip away while cutting and would not harm your kid too.

Fingertips like a Claw

The most important thing is that you need to teach your child how to do cutting without harming their fingers. Most of the time, when your kid starts cutting vegetables, they cut their fingers because they don’t know the right way to cut things. The best way to cut things safely is to teach them to make a claw of fingers behind the knife and then cover the fingers with the thumb to protect their fingers while cutting.

Use Sharp Knife

We might sound dumb, but when you give the knife to your child, make sure you give them the sharp knife instead of the dull knife because a dull knife can be very dangerous for your child. You might think that the sharp knife is safe and the dull knife is dangerous?

So, the game is that when your knife is sharp, you will be able to cut things very easily and fastly without putting much effort, but when the knife is dull, you have to put in a lot of effort, and there are chances that you will harm yourself.

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Good Space

If you have more than one kid in your home and they are cooking together. In that case, you need to be more careful and give each kid good space. Working closer to each other’s elbow can be very dangerous for you, so make sure they maintain a reasonable distance from each other otherwise, there can be some serious consequences.


Q: At what age should a child be able to use a knife?

Ans: It depends on you how early you expose your child to the knife. There are some parents that teach their kids how they can use the knife when they are only two years old, but in some cases, the parents teach their children when they reach the age of seven. But we would recommend you to teach a child to use a knife when he is sensible.

Q: How do you keep knives away from kids?

Ans: There are no hard rules that you can hide knives from your child because someday he will get exposed to the knives, but you have to teach them how to use the knife. If you want to keep knives away from your kids, you have to put them in your kitchen’s upper cabinets, so your kids cannot reach there.


Kid’s safety is the most important thing for the parents so, if you are one of those parents then make sure you read the article above because this article will give you some tips on how you can teach your kid to use the knife properly and this is the best thing for the kid’s safety.