How Thin Will Potato Slicers Go?

Potatoes are a staple cuisine in many countries, but the way they are prepared varies greatly. While it may seem like fun to eat potato, what really makes a meal appealing is the variety of ways and forms in which it is prepared and presented. Before producing the final product or dish, potatoes may be chopped, sliced, and diced in many ways.

However, preparing them can be more difficult than you first thought. Potatoes must be sliced into certain shapes and sizes for each dish. In addition, cutting with a kitchen knife may be a tiresome process that increases the risk of injury. Potato slicers come into play when it comes to ensuring the safety of the user.

Which Potato Slicer Is the Best?

Potato Slicer

There are many different kinds of potato slicers, such as old-fashioned ones, electric potato peelers, and ones that are made for chips or fries. The best potato slicer for you is the one that works best with the recipe you’re making.

How to Pick the Best Potato Slicer for Your Needs 


You must be quite cautious in order to choose the ideal potato slicer model. Make sure the equipment you choose will meet your requirements. However, there are so many potatoes slicer on the market that selecting the ideal slicer model for your house might be difficult. Several variables must be taken into account while choosing the finest potato chip cutter.

  • Blades shape: Slicers come with a variety of blade forms, including v-shaped, straight, and diagonal edge blades. It’s critical to understand how each of the blade shapes functions.
  • Blades sharpness: Next, you’ll want to make sure that the potato slicer you choose is sharp enough to do the task.
  • Safety: Your chosen slicer must not only be easy to operate but also safe to handle. Because you’ll be working with incredibly sharp blades, the potato slicer’s safety measures are another important factor.

Now it’s time to talk about the different types of potato slicers and how well they work.

Sopito French Fry Cutter

Sopito French Fry Cutter

This professional cutter from Sopito is the potato slicer that works best for making French fries from a potato. It is built specifically for the purpose of cutting handmade french fries to the ideal shape. It is a work of art made of stainless steel that is robust and durable, allowing you to cut fries with relative ease. The blade on this potato slicer is of such great quality that it won’t budge or crack even if your potato applies a tiny bit of pressure to it. Since it is a blade designed for use in restaurants, you can expect it to serve you well for a number of years.

This will result in fries cut into half-inch pieces. It is also safe to use as long as you keep your fingertips in the safe areas.

Mueller Multiblade Slicer

The Mueller Multiblade came out on top in our tests because it has a lot of great features and is easy to use. This model has a straight slicer, a wavy slicer, a coarse shredder and a fine shredder, as well as a grater and a julienne option for each. The thickness can be changed as much as you want. It can be as thin as paper or as thick as almost 1/2 inch. The V-shaped blade is very sharp and grabs food and cuts through tough skin without tearing. It was one of the few mandolines that could easily cut through the beefsteak tomato’s stem. It can go in the dishwasher and comes with a box to store the extra stainless-steel blades. This is the best choice because it is the most useful and has a great price.

Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline

Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline

The safety features of this mandoline makes it stand out. The V-shaped blade and the rough runway prevent food from sticking while slicing fast and efficiently. This slicer has a color-coded dial that lets you choose from four different slice thicknesses: 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, and 6 mm. It can also make straight, crinkle, and julienne cuts.

Medove Mandolin Slicer 

This mandolin is ideal for those who like making paper-thin slices of potatoes and other vegetables. It’s composed of heavy-gauge stainless steel with thick, grippy handles that go the length of the tool. It provides a level of comfort and the capacity to slice potatoes so thinly that you can almost see through them. This mandolin is made to the highest standards. You don’t have to fiddle with swapping out the blade since it’s already there.

The blade may still be adjusted using the tool’s side knob. Everything from paper-thinness to 9 mm is possible. The built-in blades give you a little more versatility, you don’t have to worry about keeping a large number of blades on hand. Even though it’s completely safe to use, it comes with a set of safety gloves just in case.

Presto Slicer

Presto Slicer

This electric slicer is capable of slicing and shredding potatoes and other vegetables. It may also be used to grate cheese. There are several blades available, such as ripple, shred, standard slice, and thick slice. It includes a funnel guide that allows you to simply push the potato through while keeping your hands away from the blade.

Microplane Adjustable Slicer

 This Microplane Adjustable Slicer is one of the few portable devices that saves space and comes with a julienne blade that can be attached to it. You can make thin slices (1/32 of an inch), medium slices (1/16 of an inch), or thick slices (1/8 of an inch). while using the slicing blade. It has a handle that is meant to enable hanging storage in addition to its small profile that allows it to fit in a drawer.

Wrapping Up

The slicers we talked about will help you cook your favorite potato meal without worrying about how hard it is to cut, chop, and slice. Now, all that’s left is for you to get up the courage, use what you’ve learned, and dive right in to get yourself an ideal slicer.