Can Snack Packaging Be Environmentally Friendly?

The need for humans to be mindful of resources and care for the earth is becoming all too evident. New technologies are emerging that allow for environment-first living on many levels, including food packaging. Since snacking is something many people do, the good news is that earth-friendly options for packaging for snacks mean that noshing will not wreak havoc with the planet.

Sustainable Materials

Consumers are increasingly demanding product packaging be environmentally friendly, and companies are listening. There is a big market for PCR packaging, which are containers made of post-consumer resin. This substance is recycled from plastic containers such as PET bottles and used to make new containers.

Reusing materials largely eliminates the need to use virgin materials in packaging production and decreases items put into landfills. For some plastics that would not be strong enough if recycled, new technologies are allowing them to be reinforced without using virgin planetary resources. Consumers get the snacks they want in convenient packaging without taking a huge, thoughtless toll on the planet, which has been overtaxed without being replenished for centuries.

How To Recycle Snack Bags

Curbside recycling pickup is convenient, but these programs do not accept every piece of plastic. Plastic bags and containers such as plastic grocery bags, if your area still allows them, and snack bags, including bags that zip, are not generally accepted in curbside recycle bins. However, they are recyclable at locations in your area.

A quick internet search will reveal dropoff points. Many are at grocery stores, which often have bins placed just outside or inside the main entrance. In addition, some companies offer extensive recycling programs for everything from plastic bags to cigarette butts.

Packaging That Does More

Packaging for many products is going from beyond a mere storage container to a receptacle that can improve logistics and tell consumer outlets about the product inside. Innovative smart flexible packaging delivers many benefits that were not available even a few years ago. These advantages include:

  • Lighter weight, which makes transport easier, less costly, and more efficient
  • Safer storage of consumer goods than rigid packaging provides
  • Customizable
  • Eco-friendly in multiple ways – require fewer materials to make and production process may produce fewer greenhouse gases
  • Display information about product freshness and overall condition

The emphasis in the production of smart containers is on environmentally friendly methods and thoughtful usage of resources. In addition, because these cutting-edge packages weigh so little, consumers can easily carry them. With flexible packaging that monitors product quality and displays freshness data, consumers get the benefit of fresh products in lightweight containers, and marketers can ship items at lower costs and easily monitor conditions of the goods.

Futuristic Smarter Packaging Is Here Today

Flexible and smart packaging is revolutionizing the way consumer goods are stored, shipped, and sold. The movement is toward high-tech, environmentally friendly packaging that not only protects items but also informs sellers of product freshness. Today, innovative companies are producing advanced flexible packaging with an eye towawrd being sustainable and earth-friendly. Advanced packaging can lower the strain put on the planet. When the planet is given a chance to replenish, everybody wins.