Understanding Wool Rugs

When you are looking for places to buy wool rugs, Melbourne located, or some other type of rugs, you will likely soon discover there is a lot of choice and a lot to think about. To some people, wool rugs are a bit of an old-fashioned option when you have a lot more modern options and materials nowadays but there is still a lot of good reasons to choose them. Here is a look at the history of wool rugs and what stands out about them.

The history of wool rugs

Throughout history and across different cultures and places in the world, wool rugs have been a popular item in people’s homes from nomadic tent owners to huts and more. Persian rugs have been made from wool and used for hundreds of years. Wool rugs were enjoyed to make flooring more comfortable, because it was durable and because it was an easy natural resource for them to use. When you lived a nomadic life you need items that were moveable, attractive, but also able to stand up to that kind of life. Wool rugs lasted for generations when they were made well and looked after. They were also easy for owners to clean them and they made the space they were in cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Why wool rugs are still popular today

So why are modern rugs Melbourne buyers enjoy also still made of wool today? Well for the same reasons since they were first used! It is a far more durable fibre so you can lay your rug down even in high traffic areas and it will last. It holds fye well so you can get them in a variety of colours and patterns and it is water repellant so you do not need to panic if it gets wet from an accidental spill.

Being a more dense rug makes it more sought after and that weight means when you place it over a smooth surface like a wooden floor or tiling, it will not easily slip or move around. You will not have to keep bending to move it back to where it should be. It is very easy to keep clean too. When you combine these practical considerations with the attentiveness of a wool rug it is understandable why wool rugs Melbourne continue to be so popular today.

Modern wool rugs

The wool rugs made today also have some advantages as the modern rugs, Melbourne enjoys can be made from a mixture of materials to boost their design features and practical qualities. Mixing the wool with manmade fibres for example. Whether you want something modern and contemporary looking, or something more traditional looking, you can get wool rugs in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. When you get a high-quality wool rug you can still count on its durability and have something you love to see every day.