The Best Way to Make Money on YouTube Through Affiliate Marketing


These days a lot of people want to earn money from either their YouTube videos or as a side income from their 9-5 business hours. Some may think putting a bunch of ads in their videos may generate a lot of money. Even though it will help you to earn a little bit of cash, it will take plenty of time. In this article, we will discuss how to earn from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing that will let you earn thousands of dollars quickly and in just a few steps. YouTube Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years now and has helped many creators generate revenues from their videos. Without further ado, let’s get started –

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to turn your videos into a thriving business. It is a referral link for a product provided by a content creator to their viewers which is posted on their website or YouTube channel. From the given link, the viewers can easily buy the product directly. If someone purchases from that link, a small commission or a percentage of the total amount are transferred to the creator by the company that is selling the product. 

From Where Can I Get an Affiliate Link? 

There are plenty of companies out there, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. that run an associate program or an “influencer” program. To sell their products, they support content creators and help them to earn money directly from their channel each time a viewer purchases from the referral link provided in the description of their videos or blogs. 

How to Apply? 

Whether you post an unboxing video, reviewing video or a music video, to get started is easy. Once you have completed your reviewing video, put the link of the product in the description box, from where the audience can also buy the product. 

To do that, you need to sign-in and join the affiliate program that is provided by the 3rd party websites like Amazon, Common Junction, etc. After signing in, you can start placing YouTube Affiliate links into your video. All you have to do is to generate traffic to your videos to get the viewers to click on the referral links. So, once you gain an audience, you can easily earn money from your channel. It is a great way to monetize your video, which is not sponsored. 

Where to Put in the Affiliated links?

Once you have created a company’s Associate account, you will be provided with a special ID. After your video is completed, you have to put the referral links to your video content for Affiliate Marketing either in the description box under the video or as annotations where your audience can easily access and purchase the product that you are talking about. This will take them to the 3rd party website that is selling the product. 

How Much are the Commission Rates? 

Every company and brand has a different commission rate for each product, depending on the site you are working with or the product you are selling per month. The percentage of commission varies greatly and can range from 10-50%. It depends on the terms and conditions of the advertisers. So, a way to safeguard yourself is to read all the terms and conditions before starting your business. 

Not all videos can be sponsored, but it will help you to generate some income rather than doing it for free. It will take some time and multiple trials to get it right, but don’t lose hope too soon, as many have already made it their full-time job. 

How Does the Payment Scheme Work? 

After putting in the links on your channel, your audience or viewers are automatically allotted with a cookie when they click on to your referral links. Every time one of your viewers makes a purchase, the companies selling the products can track every detail of your viewer through the cookies present. 

The best part about these cookies from the link specific products is that anything they purchase on the website after clicking on your special link leads to you getting a part of the commission of that product even when the actual product for which you have posted the link was not bought. 

Tips or strategies to begin Affiliate Marketing 

  1. Create your YouTube channel. It’s free to sign up. Try to put links of products that are relatable with the video you are making. Even if you are making a music video try to put the links for the camera that people may find interest to buy. 
  2. Pro tip: Try and look for topics and items that are trending in the market. Trends will attract traffic. Engage with your audience through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and try to find out their needs and answer them through emails regularly. 
  3. List your top-selling products on the top of your custom page and also put some recommendations of similar products to the cart from the company. 
  4. Select products that can either be easily bought or do not cause a lot of hassle to the buyer.
  5. Link the products that you are using or showcasing in your videos such as cameras, gaming chairs, headphones, microphones that you are using while live streaming. Even if it is a well-known video editor to edit videos for YouTube, do not leave that out.
  6. The link that you’re giving should lead the prospect buyer directly to the product’s page. 


We hope this article answered all your queries about affiliate marketing through YouTube. Affiliate marketing with YouTube is a straightforward process, which can get you a lot of profit.