Storage To The Rescue: 5 Solutions

Clutter can cause big headaches whether in the home, office, or company warehouse. Excess items can make day-to-day living difficult because they eat up valuable closet and storage space and makes working efficiently almost impossible due to misplaced products and overordering of stock already on hand. Most importantly, clutter and disorganization gobble up valuable time and energy. Having an organized home, office space, or warehouse environment revolves around finding and utilizing effective storing procedures. Here are five of the most straightforward solutions for storage issues. But aside from these, we also have an exclusive post for those who want to know kitchen storage tips from the experts.


While it’s a simple remedy for storage, open shelving is one of the most practical and affordable and lends itself to many applications. A homeowner can tame an overflowing pile of books by installing a shelf or two, and an office will benefit from appropriate shelving to accommodate forms, manuals, stationery supplies, and client marketing materials. Factories and warehouses experience fewer errors in purchasing and sales when stock is stored intelligently on shelves. Make sure to label each item space on the shelf to see what is on hand quickly.

Plastic Bins

Plastic boxes and bins come in various sizes and shapes to meet any small-to-medium storage issues. They offer more effortless mobility for moving items than open shelving and have the bonus of protecting the contents from dust, pests, and liquids. Clear plastic bins can hold out-of-season clothing out of the way or keep crafting supplies tidy in the home. Heavy-duty garage totes feature comfortable handles and wheels to store and move heavy items like tools a breeze. For larger projects or longer items like wood trim, outdoor umbrellas, yard tools, extra-large wheeled bins work well.

Portable Storage

Portable storage containers are an excellent solution for significant storage problems when there’s room to store on location and valuable when moving or storing items on-site while a home is on the market. For example, a Salem storage company will deliver a metal container the size of a typical 20-ft moving truck or a 10×15-ft storage unit directly to the customer’s home, business, or property. Salem portable storage is durable, weatherproof, and pest-proof. The containers can be delivered to a driveway, carport, curb, or backyard. When the unit is no longer needed, the company will return to pick it up.

Metal Sheds

From small lean-tos sized perfectly for garden implements like rakes, hoes, and hoses to medium-sized sheds large enough to protect lawn equipment to large sheds capable of housing ATVs, campers, and RVs, there’s a metal shed for every purpose. While they work well to protect items from the elements and deter theft, they don’t eliminate possible pests issues, and in humid areas such as Florida, they may not prevent mold or mildew.

Self- Storage

One of the easiest ways to clear the clutter or to store items that aren’t in use often is to rent a self-storage unit at a storage facility. Storage lockers come in various sizes, from a small locker that can hold a few boxes up to large, double-sided units that can handle entire rooms and items such as office furniture and even vehicles. While this is a generally affordable solution when there’s no room for storage on-site, there is no protection against insects and rodents, no guarantee against water damage, and the storage facility may have inconvenient hours.