Slow Cooker Recipes

The best slow cookers are always the ones with the basic features that do their job in cooking food. Slow cookers are great because they will turn the cheapest available ingredients into, why not, a gourmet meal! Plus, the slow cooking method does not require additional oils or fat (unlike frying or baking) while retaining much of the food’s flavor. Thus, a slow cooker will be your best friend in the kitchen if you’re into healthy eating. You may use less meats and more veggies!

If you have plans to buy a slow cooker, then it is a great decision! It can do a variety of meals and it’s certain that you will use it very often in your kitchen. Here are some of the many great recipes that a slow cooker can do:

Meals done with a beef brisket1. Meals done with a beef brisket

Since a beef brisket is naturally tough due to its connective tissues, a slow cooker will make it remarkably “melt-in-your-mouth” tender. You can prepare a lot of delicious beef brisket meals from a slow cooker such as beef brisket with onions, beef brisket with brown gravy, brisket cooked in red wine, or a BBQ-flavored brisket.

Stews2. Stews

One of the magical things that a slow cooker does are stews. Not only can it make yummy meat-based stews, it can also do heavenly vegetarian stews that taste so bold that even the most hardcore meat-eaters will come back for more.

Mac n’ cheese3. Mac

n’ cheese

The favorite comfort food of every American! It is now easier to make by using the trusty slow cooker

soups4. Soups

With the slow cooker, you can make lovely, hearty soups from pea soup to beef vegetable soup to tortilla soup to French onion soup and many more, with less time and effort.

pork chops5. Pork chops

Extra tip: to keep the pork chops from drying out, add some brine. This will also give the pork chops an added flavor.

casseroles6. Casseroles

Let the slow cooker do the heavy-lifting and cook comforting casseroles of any type and flavor that your heart desires.

Whole chicken meals

7. Whole chicken meals

With the slow cooker, you can do every type and flavor imaginable for the whole chicken. You can make Chicken in Milk, Chicken in Crispy Skin, Chicken with Cranberries, Dry Rub Chicken, BBQ Chicken and so much more!

fish8. Fish

If you’ve got a big family or you are cooking for a lot of guests, preparing fish ahead of the dinner or a party is as easy as 1-2-3. It allows to cook a lot of fish at once, as well as to use a variety of spices to give your fish a good flavor and aroma. Bigger crock pots are better for cooking bigger whole fish or more pieces of fish.

ribs9. Ribs

A slow cooker will cook many kinds of ribs recipes — no matter what the flavor, your ribs will surely come out really tasty and “fall-off-the-bone” tender!


10. Pies

Whether you want them savory or sweet, pies have never been tastier than the ones cooked in a slow cooker. Make creamy chicken pies, steak pies, pot pies, shepherd’s pie as well as pecan pies, apple pies, and many more!


11. Desserts

Yes, slow cookers are also okay for making desserts! You can make many kinds of cakes, sweet pies, puddings, brownies, even crisps and candies!

The top rated slow cookers often make the best meals. Some slow cooker reviews also give their own special recipes using this amazing kitchen appliance.