Should I do my own Rug Cleaning?

Rugs are one of those things that most people don’t give a lot of thought to, unless it’s memories of their mothers or grandmothers scolding them for walking around on some antique or expensive Persian rug, or those who remember the really old days of taking rugs out and beating them on clothes lines.

Today, most drugs are fairly inexpensive, and can even be bought from discount or thrift stores. They can still look pretty nice, and be pretty comfortable to walk on, so people give them even less often they once did. But, just like carpet or upholstery, they get dirty after a while from being stepped on, exposed to the elements and of course from dust, children or animals.

The question is, when is a rug worth taking to a cleaner, and when can you just do it yourself or simply replace the rug?

Most of the small, cheaper rugs are actually safe to put in a washing machine, although some of the ones with rubber backing on them may not enjoy the dryer, so beware of that. I in fact know a woman who takes a somewhat large rug in her living room with a rubber back on it, and takes it out of her driveway, taking the garden hose to it with some detergent, and she gets the thing honestly clean after sun drying it. I don’t recommend this, though, because you run a significant risk of getting mildew or pollen or any other nasty outdoor substance in your rug, and she seems to actually know what she’s doing with fabric, being a rather notable seamstress in my community.

So, when do you need solid rug cleaning in Ajax? How do you prepare for it? Why can’t you do it yourself, why do you need rug cleaning in Toronto? Allow me to explain.

Some rugs are delicate!

Yes, some rugs are actually delicate, and these are the nicer ones you may have bought from a boutique store, or a department store the cells higher-and stuff. It may not be in imported, illustrious Persian rug, but it’s still a rather nice or rug, with far more fragile material. If you attempt to clean this yourself with a steam cleaner, or a spot treatment, you run the risk of damaging it. It may not be even immediate that you did this damage, and it may show up a year or two down the line, but the damages done and may be irreparable at that.

Other rugs, such as large floor-covering ones, are simply too darn big for you to handle.

What do I need to do to prepare for rug cleaning?

So, in closing, let me give you some simple instructions for how to handle rug cleaning services. Some services may come and pick the rug up for you, but this is actually fairly rare. So, ultimately, you’ll have to roll the thing up, toss it in the back of your SUV, sedan or truck, and haul it to the cleaner.

Before you take your rug to any rug cleaning in Ajax, it’s a good idea to go ahead and run a vacuum over it, providing it’s not too delicate, and maybe spray it down with some harmless disinfectant as a common safety courtesy especially during this pandemic.

Don’t try this yourself, leave it to professional rug cleaning in Toronto and your rug will be in good hands!