Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO) Aluminum Egg Topper and Cracker for Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs, Silver


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Product description

The ICO Egg Cracker & Topper You’ll never have to contend with sneaky bits of shell again – just sit this stainless steel topper onto your boiled egg, pull the ball and let it ‘clack’ down on the shell. When you lift it back off, it leaves a perfect cut all round the top of the shell ready for you to remove. Our simple and stylish stainless steel egg topper makes a precision cut around the top of the shell, for a perfect soft boiled egg. Suitable for cooked or raw eggs in most medium and large sizes. To use, simply lift the spring-loaded ball top and release. A mini shockwave travels down the steel rod and neatly cracks the top off your egg with perfectly clean edges and no broken shell pieces in your egg. Makes a great gift.