How to Use Liquid Sander Deglosser: A Step By Step Guide


Are you thinking to use the power of paint to adorn your house? If yes, I have an excellent tip for you. Always use a deglosser before applying the fresh coating of paint. And the best way to do it is liquid sand deglosser. For this purpose, you must know how to use  liquid sander deglosser?

Well, you can find the answer to this question in this article. Let’s dig into the article to know what liquid deglosser is and how to use it.

What is a liquid sander, and how it is different from a regular sander?

Liquid sander is also known as wet sanding or deglosser. It’s a chemical solution to help remove the glossy surface from the already painted surface.

You might be thinking it’s the same function that a regular sander aims to do. Then, how it’s different from the regular sander.

Well, it’s easier and safer to apply. Besides, liquid deglosser doesn’t smoothen the uneven and scratched surfaces. It can only remove the gloss from the freshly painted surface.

So, the wait is over. We will teach you how to use Deglosser for walls, furniture, trim, and kitchen cabinets. We have provided a complete procedure of using Deglosser, read them, and apply them to better results.

How to use liquid sander deglosser: A step by step guide

So, the wait is over. Let’s get started to know all the steps of how to use liquid sander deglosser.

Step 1: Clean the surface

Before applying the deglosser, it’s critical to remove the dirt from the wall and furniture surface. You can use a clean fabric to remove dust or grains.

If the fabric doesn’t remove the dust effectively, it’s better to wash the surfaces. You can use fresh water and can also add soap into it. Hand soap and dish soap can also be effective.

Step 2: Let the walls dry

Once you have done washing the surface, let the covers air dry. Make sure the wall is fully dried, and there is no moisture on it. Otherwise, the deglosser will not work effectively.

So, my sincere advice is to please let the wall dry without being concerned about the time it takes.

Step 3: Apply liquid deglosser

Deglosser application is not a complex process. Follow these steps to apply the liquid sander effectively.

  • Firstly, take lint-free fabric.
  • Now place a small amount of liquid sander over the fabric.
  • Rub the deglosser containing fabric against the furniture surface or wall. Maybe you have to repeat this process several times to completely degloss the surfaces.

Step 4: Allow the deglosser to sit on the wall

So, have you applied the deglosser perfectly? It’s time to wait. Wait until the deglosser settles on the wall perfectly. The setting time of the liquid sander depends on the product you’re using.

For instance, it would take 10 minutes for the Klean strip to get settles. It usually takes 10-15 minutes for effective results.

Step 5: Remove the deglosser

Finally, it’s time to remove the deglosser from the wall or furniture surface. Use of lint-free cotton or fabric is the best way to remove the deglosser. However, I would suggest you read the instructions on the deglosser bottle carefully.

Safety Measures:

Since liquid deglosser is made of chemicals, you can’t use it blindly. It can damage your skin, eyes and other organs and even cause death. So, you must follow some safety measures to rescue yourself.

Here’re those essential safety measures that you can’t ignore.

  • Use the liquid in a well-ventilated area. Open all the doors and windows of the room where you’re using it.
  • Don’t use it near the asthmatic patient
  • Avoid using it near pregnant women and children.
  • Wear safety goggles, gloves, mask and paint aprons while using it.
  • Wash your hands immediately with soap and warm water if it touches your hands accidentally.
  • Never use it near electrical equipment and open flames.
  • While storing the liquid deglosser, make sure there is no leakage.
  • Store its bottle away from pets and children.

Can you apply the liquid deglosser to the kitchen cabinets?

Yes, liquid deglosser helps you in renovating your kitchen cabinets. Thus it keeps you away from reinstalling the kitchen cabinets. Isn’t it great to hear?

Here’re some steps to apply liquid deglosser on the kitchen cabinets.

  • Firstly, open all the windows and wear safety accessories.
  • Pour some liquid sander on a rag.
  • Rub the rag on the surface of kitchen cabinets
  • Liquid deglosser can work effectively if the surface is already smooth.

Final thoughts..!!

Finally, we have gone through all the essential steps of how to use liquid sander deglosser. Follow all these steps if you want to see remarkable results. No matter, you have to degloss the wood cabinets, walls. Door trims or deck, liquid deglosser works perfectly. However, you need to be careful while applying the glosser because it’s a chemical and is hazardous.