How to Repurpose Old Spice Jars In Unique Ways

Are you looking for creative recycling ideas for old spices jar? This is an essential kitchen item that should not neglect. Spices increase the taste, appearance, and improve the shelf life of the meal. It is difficult enough to save seasonal kitchen items with the best care and organization. Many are unable to give complete care to the spices that lead to the fungal and bacterial infection in the spices. Therefore, many molds are prepared to save the spices. Among them, some are in plastic, and many others have steel material. At the same time, when your spices jar is getting old, then do not need to pale the spices in the jar and try some creative way to use the spices jars. The main work is to repurpose the old spice jars that many people do not know as well. So, stay in touch to get incredible ideas and the ways for old spices jars recycling.

Fill the Jar with Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar needs a permanent and safe place for preservation. So, the old spices jar will use for this aim. Just clean the jar with fresh water and keep it for the dry. Place granulated sugar in the jar and use it for sprinkles and dusting on the cake, donuts, and desserts.

Use Jar to Hold Paint Brush

When the old jar is not used for the seasonal spices, the best spice jar is converted to hold the paintbrushes. Whenever you are doing artwork, you have struggled to place the paint-filled brushes, so the old spice jars are the best choices for the work. Cover the best spice jars with a cover sheet and decorate it with some artwork to shows the jar for a paintbrush.

Serving cocktail and punch

As many shakes, cocktails, liquid desserts, and punch are served in the mirror jars, and they are like the spices jar. So why you are not doing that. This is another effective way to repurpose the old spices jar. You can easily use it for the cocktail and punch serving.

For Decorative Purposes

Home decoration is most important to get an elegant and excellent home look. Do not need o to invest more money on decoration pieces when you have the old spice jars. Just go towards some creativeness and use the jars in different ways. You can place the small led lights with multi flowered base and hang it on your doorstep. In this way, many other jar decorating ideas exists.

To Hold Home Made Beauty Products

Many beauty products demand the roper box place for full care. If you cannot place the products in a box and jar, then makeup and beauty products will be ruined. So, the old spice jars are the best choice for this purpose. Just clean the jar and place the essential and soft items in the jar. The jar will be placed in any place without any worry.

As a Bathroom Organizer

Keep your bathroom item saved should your priority. So do not need to be hectic for this no need to invest a high amount for bathroom organizer. Just take the old spices jar and start using it as the bathroom organizer. Place wool pads, bath salts, and anything else that will look nicer. So do not go towards the plastic and other odd bottles when you have the beautiful spices jars.

Make a Pin Cushion

Do you have a spices jar that is older enough to try it to convert in a pincushion? Yes, the jar will use as a pin cushion in different ways. Stitch the jar opening with soft material and start placing pins on it. This way will overcome the pin loss as well.

As a Pencil Sharpener

Just got an electric drill and made a hole in a mid of jar. Place the blade as according to your pencil size. This is an amazing way to sharpen the pencil colors and other items. This way will clean the space and give a fantastic look like a pencil sharpener.