High Tech Thermometers for Any Kitchen


If you love to cook and like to make sure the temperature of your kitchen, fridge and food items is accurate and easy to monitor our list of high-tech thermometers is for you. You will find a wide range of thermometers to choose from that can save you time and are highly accurate with their digital technology.

High tech thermometers save you effort by reducing the challenge of using traditional cooking thermometers. They are also very easy to use as well. You just put the probe of the digital thermometer in your food (meat, steak, milk, etc.) and its LCD will display the temperature. Some of them even sync the data to your phone and you can monitor the temperature remotely.These thermometers can help you cook your food completely to make sure your getting great tasting meals.

Our list includes:




Where to Buy

Bridge Wireless Bluetooth Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Habor Upgrade Instant Read Thermometer

Inkbird IBT 4XS Bluetooth Wireless Digital Thermometer

Innoo Tech Instant Read Thermometer

The Premium Chef Digital Thermometer

Ximble Wireless Meat Thermometer

NeKan Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

1. Bridge Wireless Bluetooth Cooking Food Meat Thermometer:
The Bridge BBQ thermometer instantly measures the temperature of your food between 32F to 527F readings with +/-1% accuracy. It comes with 2 stainless steel probes (6.5 inches with 47-inch long cable), monitor with six-channel design and BBQ app connected to the monitor via Bluetooth (Android and iOS friendly).
You can insert the probes in your steak or BBQ and can easily control the temperature from anywhere indoor or outdoor within the range of 170 feet.

It has a built-in time and temperature preset feature. When the time or temperature crosses the preset limit, the app informs you with an alarm that saves a lot of your energy.


  • CE-certified thermometer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Remote control over temperature
  • Backlit LCD
  • Accurate measurements
  • Fire-resistant cable with stainless steel mesh
  • Can deal 6 foods at a time
  • Preset time and temperature alarm

2. Habor Upgrade Instant Read Thermometer: The Habor digital instant-read thermometer justifies its name by measuring the temperature from -49F to 392F with +/-1.8F accuracy within 4-6 seconds.

Just insert the probe of the thermometer in your food such as BBQ, meat, turkey, lamb, candy, etc. and its backlit LCD with step-down tip design will display the results quickly and accurately.

It has an auto switch off feature which turns the thermometer off after 15 minutes of inactivity. More of, its built-in magnet helps it hang wherever you want such as on your refrigerator door, barbecue or any iron surface.

Note: Just don’t use it within aclosed oven and don’t wash it completely with water.


  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Measures temperature of solid and liquid items
  • Backlit LCD
  • Precise measurements within seconds
  • More than 1-year battery life

3. Inkbird IBT 4XS Bluetooth Wireless Digital Thermometer : Keep track of your food temperature without being in the kitchen with your phone paired with this digital thermometer. Your Android or iOS smartphone can detect the readings of the thermometer within 150 ft range with a Bluetooth connection.

It comes with 1000mAh lithium battery that can be recharged through its USB port. It’s effective, durable and aesthetic material makes it environmentally friendly and you can keep it running for 60 hours when fully charged.

Its large LCD displays temperature graphs and can be rotated on any side for the better view.

With an Inkbrid digital thermometer, there’s no need to worry about partially cooked BBQ, steaks or other food products. Just insert the probes in your food, connect them to monitor, and watch the changes over the phone until your meal is fully cooked or baked. You can preset time and temperature as well.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • 4 probes
  • Quick and precise measurements
  • Data synced with the phone through the app
  • 1-year warranty
  • 176F temperature range
  • Magnetic design

4. Innoo Tech Instant Read Thermometer :This digital thermometer comes with a single probe that can be easily folded. Just insert the probe in your food (meat, steak, pork, lamb, fish) a coupleinches deep and record the temperature in just 4-7 seconds with its LCD.

The probe is made of safe stainless-steel materials which makes the thermometer safe to use. You can sanitize the probe easily with water once you’re done using it.

It can measure the temperature in two units such as Celsius and Fahrenheit and its typical temperature measurement range is -58F ~ 572F with +/-3F accuracy.


  • 4-7 seconds response time
  • Stainless steel probes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe to carry with the folded probe
  • Measures temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Barbeque recipe EBook included in the package

5. The Premium Chef Digital Thermometer : With the premium chef digital thermometer, you can preset the temperature and keep a check on the cooking process without syncing the device with your phone. You can also connect via WIFI and monitor up to 300 feet away as well.

Just insert the stainless-steel probes in your food (steak, BBQ, lambs, turkey, fish etc.), preset the temperature plus time and relax until it informs you that your meal is ready.

Its large backlit LCD and stored temperature and timing data for 9 types of meat (already defined timer and temperature range that you can reset) makes it best among its kind.

Its range goes as up as 716F and its stainless-steel texture with step-down tip design facilities accurate temperature measurements within the shortest time period.


  • Wireless double probe monitors
  • Remote measurement facility
  • Stored data for 9 types of meat
  • Oven and meat probe
  • Preset timer and temperature
  • Instant and precise measurements
  • Safe texture

6. Ximble Wireless Meat Thermometer:
Preset the meat/oven timer and temperature and sit back until you’re ready to eat your perfectly cooked or baked meal.This wireless food thermometer is one greathigh-tech thermometer for any kitchen with its two stainless steel probes and highly accurate temp measurement system. Just turn on both base and remote monitor displays and track your food temperature from anywhere within a range of 65ft.

It’s has a simple on one-step function. Just insert the probe into food, turn the display on and there are the results. You don’t even need to connect your smartphone to it.

It works with moderate heat such as 32F ~ 482F as compared to other thermometers. But still, it’ssimple and compact design witheasy remote monitoring make it a favorite of many.


  • One base and one remote display
  • No configuration needed
  • Two stainless steel probes
  • Extended battery life
  • Error code alarms

7. NeKan Digital Refrigerator Thermometer: Our last item isn’t for cooking specifically. The NeKan digital thermometer measures the temperature of the refrigerator and of the indoor or outdoor environment. It has two wireless sensors that you can place anywhere you want to detect the temperature.

It measures the temperature within the -40F to the 140F range with +/-2F accuracy. You can hang the thermometer on your kitchen wall or use the suction feature to attach it to the wall inside the refrigerator or can set it anywhere.

It has the built-in alarm which notifies you when the temperature it outside the preset limits. The monitor can control the wireless sensors within 328 ft range and keeps a complete history of the temperature measurements.

It’s LCD screen help you note the temperature easily and keep your food fresh inside the fridge or in the kitchen. This can be a great option for monitoring garage fridges and freezers as well.


  • Two wireless sensors
  • Precise remote measurements
  • Preset temperature ranges
  • Alarm notifications

Technology is becoming a part of just about every aspect of our daily lives. That’s no different in the kitchen either. With these high-tech digital thermometers, you can step up your cooking game and easily monitor your food items.