Clack Egg Opener-The Original (German Made)


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Product description

What is it?

Egg Topper (Clack)

How to use it

  1. Place egg in an egg cup, with the narrow end of the egg upwards
  2. Place the Egg topper on the egg
  3. Let the ball drop from the top of the rod
  4. Remove the topper, leaving your egg with a perfect circular crackWhy use it?
    It is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy your eggsThis topper may be used on both raw or boiled eggs; raw eggs for baking or simply to fryThis functional gadget that keeps your boiled egg clear of shell fragments.Practical and fun for your family breakfast tableWhat is it made of?
    Stainless steel with a rubber headWhat is in the box?
    1 x Egg Topper (Clack)