Guide to Potato Chip Slicers

Westmark  Potato and Vegetable Chipper  Plastic Body  3 Blades

Potato chips are a fun snack that almost everyone loves. But the potato chips you buy on the market contain many unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and flavorings. You can opt for a healthier option by making your own potato chips. Making potato chips at home is fun, but it gets better … Read more

Guide to the Best Swivel Peelers

peeling a sweet potato using a swivel peeler

A swivel peeler is a type of fruit and vegetable peeler that has a floating suspended blade that swivels when in use. Its edge can better adapt to the form of the produce being peeled compared to a fixed blade because it self-adjusts as pressure is applied.Meaning, it can peel thin strips … Read more

Guide to the Best Serrated Peelers

peeling a tomato using a serrated peeler

A serrated peeler features a sharp serrated blade that is ideal to be used for paring fruits that have glossy, slippery, and waxy skins. It is also great to be used when peeling softer fruits like peaches and tomatoes. Compared to straight-edged peeler, a serrated peeler will not tear apart soft fruits … Read more

Guide to the Best Lancashire Peelers

peeling a potato using a Lancashire peeler

A Lancashire peeler is a straight kind of peeler that has a narrow body. Its blade is parallel to its handle, resembling a knife. It looks similar to a swivel peeler, but the difference is that its blade stays in place. This type of peeler is designed in Lancashire, United Kingdom, where … Read more

Best Vacuum Sealers and Packing Machines

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2 in 1 System with Starter Kit

No matter you want to preserve food for longer periods or just want to keep the food fresh for some time, a vacuum sealer can be a very useful tool. These devices have become popular worldwide because of their numerous benefits and features. In short, vacuum sealers are designed in a way … Read more

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Cutting boards are one of those essential items to have in the kitchen because they help us prepare the ingredients needed in cooking. However, there are some problems you canencounter with many cutting boards we have at home such as they can warp easily in the dishwasher, they slide on the countertop, … Read more

Best Wifi Controlled Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Are you trying to give your old kitchen a new look? Thought about making it a high-tech kitchen? You don’t have to do much but just add some high-tech gadgets and lighting to your kitchen cabinets, and we assure you that your guests will be wowed. These trendy, WiFi-controlled, wireless kitchen cabinet … Read more

Guide to Jar Openers

A jar opener is a kitchen device that is used to open tightly closed glass jars. Jars can be opened by hand but there are times that they are firmly sealed, that’s why it’s convenient to use a jar opener. Today, there is a wide range of products designed to make the … Read more

Type of Cheese Slicers and Graters

There are essential tools when it comes to preparing cheese and two of them are the cheese slicer and the cheese grater. These utensils help in cutting and shredding cheese easily without making much mess. Most kitchens have at least one cheese grater and slicer. However, these tools come in different types … Read more