A Guide to Best Electric Potato Peeler Machine

an electric potato peeler machine

Cooking is all fun and games until you have to chop the vegetables and prepare the required ingredients. One of the biggest fears of some great chefs is potato peeling. To prevent your hands from getting dirty during the work and carefully getting every single piece of skin is quite a hassle. … Read more

Guide to Potato Chip Slicers

Westmark  Potato and Vegetable Chipper  Plastic Body  3 Blades

Potato chips are a fun snack that almost everyone loves. But the potato chips you buy on the market contain many unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and flavorings. You can opt for a healthier option by making your own potato chips. Making potato chips at home is fun, but it gets better … Read more

Guide to the Best Electric Peelers

Peeling fruits and vegetables is one of the most daunting tasks in the kitchen when cooking or preparing meals. It is challenging, especially for senior citizens and other people who suffer from arthritis. To avoid the hassle and pain of peeling fruits and vegetables, one of the best types of peelers you … Read more

Guide to the Best Julienne Peelers

If you are into making salads, coleslaws, pretty garnishes, and cooking soups, then, a julienne peeler is one of the best types of peelers you must have in your kitchen. It is an easy to use kitchen gadget that can also replace a mandolin slicer if you are having a difficult time … Read more

Top 5 High-Tech Toaster Ovens

Top 5 High Tech Toaster Ovens

Toasters are no longer used just to make breakfast. With advanced technologies and multi-purpose features, they serve more than bread slices and are capable of cooking, roasting, broiling and baking different cuisine for your dinner and lunch. Those days when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, … Read more

Best Wifi Controlled Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Are you trying to give your old kitchen a new look? Thought about making it a high-tech kitchen? You don’t have to do much but just add some high-tech gadgets and lighting to your kitchen cabinets, and we assure you that your guests will be wowed. These trendy, WiFi-controlled, wireless kitchen cabinet … Read more

Types of Slow Cookers

Slow cooking is now a trend not just among households but also among foodies — basically, anyone who loves to cook and eat! They see the great benefits of slow cooking such as more tender, melt-in-your-mouth meats and more flavor to other dishes. “Slow cooking” is basically a cooking method which uses … Read more

Guide to Pastry and Dough Blenders

When it comes to baking, there are different tools used and one of those is the pastry blender. Pastry and dough blenders are handheld tools used to cut cold butter and distribute fat without melting. It is used to work solid fats like butter, shortening or lard into flour to create dough. … Read more

What Are the Types of Can Openers?

What Are the Types of Can Openers?

A can opener is one of the common tools in the kitchen, so most of us would just simply take it for granted. After all, most can openers are cheap and dispensable. When it’s broken or starts to rust, why bother to fix it when you could just buy a new one? … Read more

Types of Peelers

Types of Peelers

If you’re an expert at peeling, you may not need a specific type of tool and can go by with just a simple knife, as long as it is sharp enough to pare even the toughest rinds. But to others who are not that deft at peeling (or those with a lot … Read more

History of Kitchen Knives

History of Kitchen Knives

The knife is one of mankind’s oldest and the most basic tools, from which all other types of knives or any other cutting tools were created. It is little wonder that the knife is one of the most versatile utilitarian tools, whose variety of uses run the gamut from survival to construction … Read more